Cohen consults on WB, Uni, Digital venture


The fledgling joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Digital Cinema Implementation Partners has been named the Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition and has hired industry veteran Steven B. Cohen as a consultant to manage the project.

The venture, which was announced earlier this year, aims to develop a cost-effective form of digital content delivery through technologies such as satellite or digital terrestrial distribution. The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition delivery system would be open and available to any content provider, vendor and exhibitor, including the owners, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures and DCIP, which is owned by Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment and Cinemark USA and represents 14,000 screens domestically.

Cohen will be generating requests for proposals over the coming months.
Cohen is the head of his Cohen Communications, where he serves as a consultant and engineer to various studio and production companies for calibrated display systems for digital dailies, digital cinema preview, press and premiere screenings, remote collaboration systems and HD screening rooms.

He previously held positions including vp, feature services for the Ascent Media Group; vp, sales and development for Sony Pictures Studios; and director of business development for Sony's Advanced Digital Systems Group.