Col shells out $1.3 million for 'Jack' spec


Columbia has proved its mettle, picking up the sought-after Johnny Rosenthal spec "Iron Jack" for seven figures.

Many studios were vying for the comedic action adventure, which is set in the 1930s and centers on a renowned novelist and his quest for a legendary treasure.

Rosenthal has found a treasure of his own, with Columbia playing $1.3 million against $2 million for the screenplay.

"This is one of the funniest and most original scripts we have read in a long, long time," Columbia co-president of production Doug Belgrad said.

Todd Garner ("Next") is producing, with Sean Robins co- producing. Rosenthal's manager, George Heller, and Jeremy Bell are executive producing.

Sam Dickerman and Adam Milano are overseeing "Jack."

"Jack" is the second comedy adventure involving treasure hunting sold within the past week. Fox this week picked up the spec "Beaujolais" by Mike Arnold and Chris Poole, with Peter and Bobby Farrelly producing.

Rosenthal has several projects in development, including "Friendly Skies" for Paramount, with Alec Baldwin and Will Arnett attached to star. SNL Studios and Lorne Michaels are producing. He also has "Me, Me, Me" at New Line, with Sean Levy producing.

On the TV front, Rosenthal has a pilot at Fox and Regency with Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun executive producing.

Rosenthal is repped by Paradigm, Principato/Young and attorney Jeff Frankel.