Colbert Re-Cuts Trump's Hannity Interview to Talk Weinstein, Ratings

The late-night host inserts himself into the Fox News host's recent sit-down with the president.

In a sketch during Thursday night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert poked fun at President Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity, re-cutting the footage to make it seem like he was interviewing the president.

Rearranging Trump’s audio, Colbert manipulates the footage to look as if the president confirms controversial allegations against him and praises the late-night host.   

“Mr. President, thank you for sitting down with me twice in one week. It’s very generous of your time,” Colbert said as he began his mock interview.  

“It’s an honor to be on your show,” the president is shown saying. “Yes, I imagine it must be,” Colbert responds.

“Before we start, is it okay if we manipulate this footage to make you look like an idiot?” Colbert jokes, showing Trump nodding his head in agreement.

Discussing Trump’s I.Q. challenge to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Colbert asks the president whether he can confirm his exact IQ number. “I actually think it’s much higher than people understand,” Trump explains.

Pressing for a number, Trump responds “8,” to which Colbert quips, “That is actually higher than I understand.”

Shifting the interview to Harvey Weinstein’s recently uncovered allegations of harassment and assault, Colbert asked the president whether he too has engaged in any forms of sexual harassment.

“25 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago,” Trump responds. “Okay, any other time?” Colbert comically asks, to which Trump tells him, “Tomorrow.”

“Was there ever a period when you treated women respectfully?” Colbert asks, continuing to press the president. “That hasn’t happened for years,” Trump is shown saying, as Colbert nods.

When asking the president which states he believes clinched the election for him, Trump explains that he could name “three-quarters of them.” Asking for a specific state name, Trump is then shown to respond, “Russia.”

Prior to concluding the interview, Colbert asks Trump whether they could speak honestly about their feelings toward one another.

“You have been so great and I’m very proud of you,” Trump is then shown saying. “You know, I’m a ratings person. Has anyone seen his ratings? What you are doing to your competition is incredible."

Although thankful for the president's “kind words,” Colbert seemed to have trouble sharing the same positive sentiments.

“Let me return the compliment by saying I think you’re a bloated narcissist whose presidency is a knife in the moral heart of America. A wound on our national soul that will take generations to heal, if ever.”

“A horrible, horrible embarrassment to our country,” Trump retorts.

For the first two weeks of the 2017-18 TV season, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Colbert is the most-watched host, dethroning Jimmy Fallon, who is down in the ratings by 31 percent.