Stephen Colbert July Fourth PSA Jokes Dogs Are Scared of Fireworks Because of North Korea

Courtesy of 'The Late Show'

In an online video released Monday night, CBS' 'Late Show' reveals the real reason dogs are unhappy on the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July usually means barbecues, trips to the beach, a fireworks show and subsequent trembling, terrified dogs.

Ahead of this year's celebrations, The Late Show released a PSA in which a small pup explains why canines are so fearful of "Boom Boom Scary Time."

"There's a common misconception that Boom Boom Scary Time bothers us because of our sensitive ears," said the dog. "The truth is fireworks frighten us because, honestly, we're a little on edge about North Korea."

The video, released on Monday, is made all the more timely by North Korea's recent intercontinental ballistic missile test.

"What you humans see as an Instagrammable patriotic display, we experience as a life-or-death situation," the dog continued, saying they are deeply concerned that every "human or fire hydrant we've ever loved is about to vaporize into oblivion."

"So yeah, give us a chew toy or something," the dog suggests at the end of the PSA.

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