Stephen Colbert Quizzes Elizabeth Warren on Billionaires

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Elizabeth Warren - February 26, 2020 - Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment

The Democratic presidential candidate and CBS late night host discussed her plans for universal healthcare and how she's different from Donald Trump on Wednesday's episode of 'The Late Show.'

Stephen Colbert showed Elizabeth Warren some hometown hospitality when the two went out to eat in South Carolina on Wednesday's episode of The Late Show.

The CBS host introduced the segment by sharing that Warren revealed the most common misconception about her: that she doesn't "eat very much" during the most recent Democratic debate on Tuesday.

"I had heard the rumors that Sen. Warren consumes food, so I recently flew down to my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina to meet up with the Democratic candidate and teach her a little bit about South Carolina cuisine," he said before introducing the clip.

While at a restaurant, Colbert explained that the best way into a South Carolinian's heart is through their stomach. "The contents of which will eventually lodge in their hearts," he added.

He warned the politician that the food is "very rich" and that she's "gonna want to tax it."

Warren later confirmed that she is a fan of fast food, so Colbert asked her to explain how she is unlike Donald Trump. "I read books. I care about people," she answered.

The host compared being president to "being the person ordering for everybody at a restaurant." He asked Warren to choose an appetizer for the United States, and she went with "the potato skins with cheese and bacon and then sour cream to dip in." Colbert responded, "Is this why you want universal healthcare? Because that will kill everybody in their tracks."

Warren and Colbert took a break from discussing politics to try some of the South Carolina delicacies, including oysters and boiled peanuts.

The host later quizzed Warren on how well she knows "the billionaires that you're going to take away their money." During the game, Colbert described a billionaire to Warren and she had to guess who he was talking about.

He first described Mark Zuckerberg as someone "who never shows emotion, looks like he cut his own bangs with toenail clippers." She initially guessed Bill Gates before correcting herself and naming Zuckerberg.

Jeff Bezos was described as "the underbelly of a hairless cat" and "like Lex Luther but he knows more about you and he's less trustworthy," while Colbert said Michael Bloomberg "is spending so much money on this election that right now this might actually be a commercial for him and we don't know it."

"I cannot begin to tell you where he got his money or why he's wearing that tie," said Colbert before Warren correctly guessed he was talking about Tom Steyer.

For the final round, Colbert described Scrooge McDuck as a "talking waterfowl." The host eventually gave up, though Warren insisted she should've known the answer. "Of course it's Scrooge McDuck," she said. "He doesn't wear pants."

Colbert told Warren about how Southerners pride themselves on being polite and added that people often respond with "Bless your heart" to uninformed comments. The host then said that "Donald Trump definitely learned his lesson from the impeachment" and Warren responded, "Bless your little heart."

The segment concluded with Colbert and Warren having a drink at the bar with some voters. He asked a man what he hoped to accomplish with the 2020 election and he responded, "Making sure that we can get Trump out of the White House." Warren agreed and added, "Let's beat Donald Trump."

Watch the full clip below.