Colbert, Greenfield duo delights fest


ASPEN, Colo. -- The unlikely duo of Stephen Colbert and CNN's Jeff Greenfield kept a huge crowd in stitches here Friday night at an event that was one of the highlights of this year's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

During the show, Colbert was honored with the first-ever USCAF Person of the Year award -- a tongue-in-cheek honor for a comedian who made an impact on the world.

"Thank you very much, Greenfield," Colbert said in his trademark "Colbert Report" character when he came out on stage to huge applause. "I'm not afraid of you -- you Washington elite press types."

The two had some particularly well-received exchanges.

Colbert, in character, at one point said: "You have no cult about your personality." To which Greenfield replied: "I have no personality."

Later on, Colbert quipped that Greenfield must be trying to get his own TV show out of interviewing him on stage in front of a large industry crowd. "We tried that," Greenfield shot back. "I said, "You know, why don't we treat the audience as more -- as really intelligent and thoughtful beings?"

Replied Colbert: "Terrible idea."

Colbert received various video tributes, including from John Stewart, Steve Carell and John Edwards.

Asked about his much-discussed speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Colbert said he and his writing team enjoyed it, and President Bush treated him well. "I cannot impress upon anyone just how gracious he and his wife were to my family."

Asked what the President said to him after his controversial speech, Colbert said: "Well done."

Colbert said he has a book coming out soon called "I Am America, And So Can You."

Asked how long "The Colbert Report" would remain on the air, he said: "I have no idea." He added that he has been surprised himself about the longevity of his character and his team's ability to always find new layers and stories to explore.

When USCAF CEO Bob Crestani appeared on stage to hand Colbert his award, the comedian quipped: "This is for the entire staff (of the show). I'll share it with them -- figuratively."

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