Late-Night Hosts Weigh In on Reports of Sean Spicer Stepping Away From Daily Press Briefings

"Sean, I have so many questions. If you go, who will not answer them?" said 'The Late Show's' Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon addressed the reports that Sean Spicer's role at the White House might be changing, with Spicer stepping away from the daily press briefings.

On CBS' Late Show, Colbert was sad to hear Spicer might be leaving his post as press secretary, reportedly to be promoted to White House communications director.

"Sean, I have so many questions. If you go, who will not answer them?" said Colbert, leading a chant of "Sean, Sean, Sean."

Going through the various rumors about Spicer's possible exit and replacements, Colbert was amused that one possibility is the job will be filled by multiple candidates rotating in order to avoid Trump getting angry or bored with the person in the position. "I can't stay mad at you if you're out of my sight for a couple of minutes because I lack object permanence," said Colbert in his Trump impression.

In addition, Colbert talked about how a number of recent briefings banned video and audio recordings. "That's a big change from his usual press briefings were only information is prohibited," joked Colbert.

Steve Bannon reportedly told a journalist that the reason there are no cameras at Spicer's press briefings is because Spicer "got fatter." Colbert called that a low blow from a man who looks like "he's either got the meat sweats or is sweaty meat."

When Spicer did appear on camera on Tuesday, he said he often stays late at night working to answer reporters questions. Colbert responded to that comment with a "Sean Spicer After Dark" photo.

On NBC's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon told his audience about the reports that the White House is moving Spicer to "a more senior role focused on strategy." Fallon said he thinks that's "the political version of saying someone's moving to a farm upstate."

"Actually it turns out, Spicer is leading the search for his own replacement," continued Fallon. "Trump would help, but he’s busy searching for his own replacement.” Fallon, like Colbert, joked about Bannon's "Sean got fatter" statement, saying you know things are bad when Bannon thinks you've let yourself go.

Fallon introduced a fake clip of what the White House is looking for in a press secretary. The clip mocks Spicer's organizational skills, ability to speak clearly and attention to detail.

On CBS' Late Late Show, James Corden brought up reporters being blocked from bringing recording devices to Spicer's press briefings, calling it a continuation of Trump's war with the press.

He joked that when asked about why no recording was allowed, there was a response of silence from Spicer because "nothing was recorded in there, we don't know" what was said.