Coldplay Debuts New Songs at Lollapalooza; Concertgoers React (Video)

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

On Friday, the British band performed their “first proper concert” in the U.S. in a while.

Coldplay made a splash last night at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

The band's set included classic songs like "Fix You" and "Yellow" and newer tracks "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" and "Viva La Vida." "This is our first proper concert in America," frontman Chris Martin told the crowd in Grant Park. Not only did they play several tracks from its anticipated fifth studio album, Martin and company paid tribute to the late singer Amy Winehouse, playing "Rehab" before going into "Fix You."

Coldplay opened the performance with new tracks “MX” and “Hurts Like Heaven.” An attendee wrote on Saturday afternoon, "Did anyone else see coldplay live at lollapalooza?? i did was so awesome." Meagan Adele Lopez couldn't get over how good the band was: "I can't talk enough about how good Coldplay was last night."

But not everyone was happy about Coldplay performing at Lollapalooza. Brian King declared, "Seriously, Lollapalooza has lost all it's edge with Coldplay headlining. Or maybe it did years ago." Another person admitted that even though they weren't fans of Coldplay's music, their perfformance was entertaining: "I would never listen to Coldplay casually, but boy do they sound good live."

But several attendees were tasked to decide whether they'd see Muse or Coldplay last night; they were both playing at around the same time. "I feel bad for everyone seeing Coldplay or Muse tonight instead of ROTPOTA," wrote Bree.

Earlier in the week, Coldplay performed at a benefit concert earlier in the week, with several of its performances broadcast on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Coldplay's set begins at the 11-minute mark: