Coldplay's Chris Martin Rewrites 'The Late Show' Theme Song

Coldplay's Chris Martin (left) and Stephen Colbert

They're some of the best lyrics of his career, as far as Stephen Colbert is concerned.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin made Stephen Colbert an offer he couldn't refuse when his band dropped by CBS' The Late Show on Tuesday to perform their single, "Hymn for the Weekend." Because he's a nice guy, Martin took some time out to pen lyrics to the show's jaunty instrumental theme song.

"Everything looks great, just one thing ... about the theme song," Martin told Colbert.

"Is something wrong with the theme song?" the host wondered.

"No, the tune is great, the tune is great. But I just feel like, 'This needs words, this needs lyrics.'"

And, so, Martin tried out the lyrics he came up with. Spoiler alert: They're some of the best of his career, as far as Colbert is concerned.

Watch the full video below. 

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