Colin Farrell: 5 Memorable Roles

Colin Farrell
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The actor follows up his role in this summer's comedy "Horrible Bosses" with a starring turn in vampire flick, "Fright Night."

After taking some time away from leading-man territory, Colin Farrell has returned this year with a turn in raunch-com Horrible Bosses and Friday, his vampire filck Fright Night hits theaters.

Here are five of the Irish-born actor's most well-known roles.

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1) American Outlaws (2001):  Still a rising star in Hollywood, Farrell got one of his first staring roles on the big screen playing the notorious criminal Jesse James in this new-age Western. Ali Larter and Scott Caan co-starred.  

2) Phone Booth (2002): The following year, the actor helmed this thirller as Stuart Shepard, a man trapped in a telephone booth by a sniper (Kiefer Sutherland) with an extortion plan. 

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2) Daredevil (2003): Farrell played bad-guy Bullseye opposite Ben Affleck's Daredevil and Jennifer Garner's Elektra in this almost-universally panned superhero film. And while the film was a commercial bomb, it remains one of Farrell's most well-known roles. 

3) Alexander (2004): The Irishman took on the great King of Macedonia, sharing the screen with Angelina Jolie (as Olympias) in Oliver Stone's biopic, which again, was widely panned by critics. Both actors and the director were nominated for Razzies for their work on the film. 

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4) In Bruges (2008): Farrell redeemed himself playing a hit man hiding out with his partner (Brendan Gleeson) in Bruges, Belgium. He won a best actor Golden Globe for his performance. 

5) Crazy Heart (2009): The actor went un-billed for his role as country superstar Tommy Sweet in this redemption tale starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal. He also sang all of his own music for the role.