Michael Che, Colin Jost Tease Emmys Night: "There's Gonna Be Political Jokes"

Colin Jost Michael Che Ellen - Screengrab - H 2018

"We worked together as writers and it seemed like — it wasn't really our choice, but we were excited about it," Jost said about his professional partnership with Che.

Colin Jost and Michael Che spoke with the Associated Press on Thursday about hosting the Emmys, which airs Monday.

"We felt very lucky to do it. We love going to the Emmys. Anytime we're nominated, it feels like a huge honor, and to go and get to host and that they trusted us to is great," said Jost.

While Jost was answering the question, Che was running his fingers through Jost's hair. "Your hair is gorgeous," he said.

Jost added that they aren't completely sure what political jokes will be made during the awards ceremony. "We don't even know what's necessarily going to happen during the weekend politically," he said. "There might be something, there might not."

Che interjected, "There's gonna be political jokes and we're gonna come out on the wrong side of history, for sure. We're aiming toward it."

"If we could be half as good as Ed McMahon, we nailed it," said Che when asked which past host they have taken notes from. "We're Ed McMahon-ing it. All of the winners will be announced via Jack-in-the-box, so we'll just have to crank and crank and crank until it pops out, and then it will be a puppet of the winner's face."

"And then the show's gonna be like five hours," Jost said in response to Che's joke.

On Friday, the Emmys hosts visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

DeGeneres congratulated the two on the renewal of their contracts for Saturday Night Live. "It's great because we also found out about it by seeing it in a headline," said Jost. "We got no calls. Just people in interviews like, 'You're back.' And we're like, 'Oh, good to know.'"

"I don’t have an agent," Che joked after DeGeneres questioned why their agents didn't tell them the news. "My cousin does all my business."

After the host complimented the duo's chemistry, Jost said that their partnership was not their choice. "We knew each other as stand-ups," said Jost. "And then we worked together as writers and it seemed like — it wasn't really our choice, but we were excited about it." Che added, "The application said 'one of each.'"

Che also revealed that Jost's relationship with Scarlett Johansson hasn't gotten in the way of their friendship. "Not anymore, because I'm dating a celebrity too," he joked. "She's a Times Square Elmo."

After admitting that he no longer sees Jost as much as he used to, DeGeneres offered to set Che up with anyone he's interested in. "This is too much pressure," he said. "Is Beyonce single?"

Che then asked how Hillary Clinton is doing. "She's doing great," said Jost. "She's happier than she's ever been," added DeGeneres.

"This is too much pressure. I don’t know what to say," said Che. "Roseanne went to Isreal."

"Before she left for Israel it was perfect," joked Jost. "You don't wanna do long distance, though. That's your problem."

Che agreed, "That's my problem. My taste is too problematic."

The two then shared their plans for the Emmys. When DeGeneres asked if they would dance or sing, Jost responded, "We've eliminated those two things."

"You know how it is to host those awards shows. It's about kinda just keeping everybody entertained, but the real job, or the real pressure, is for the nominees. That's what the show is for, so we're just trying to keep it moving," said Che. "It's really not up to us."

"We've got some loose ideas," Che concluded about their plans.

The SNL "Weekend Update" co-hosts also joined DeGeneres in hosting a special edition of "Weekday Update."

After Jost and Che introduced themselves, the host said, "And I'm in the middle of this hot man sandwich."

DeGeneres jumped into the updates by telling viewers that the Emmys are coming up. "They've made some changes. This year it's on Monday instead of Sunday. Also this year, if your acceptance speech goes too long, Cardi B will throw her shoe at you," she said.

"New research shows that one in seven adults have tried electronic cigarettes, a group known collectively as DJs," said Jost.

"A ventriloquist in Illinois was arrested for distributing anti-government propaganda at Starbucks," said Che. "They are trying to make a case against him, but his accomplice refuses to talk. He's a dummy."

Jost and Che's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show concluded with a game of "Last Word." During the game, the three players took turns listing things that belong in categories including wild animals, terms of endearment and body parts.