Colin Jost "Not Sure" if He'll Remain at 'SNL' Past Next Season

Colin Jost -70th Emmy Awards- Getty-H 2020
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The comic has been a writer for the show since 2005 and on "Weekend Update" since 2014.

Colin Jost is not sure what the future holds for him at Saturday Night Live long-term. 

Opening up to Howard Stern on Wednesday, the SNL writer and co-host of "Weekend Update" said he has given a lot of thought to what he wants to do with his career, especially amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Stern asked point-blank: "What's the deal? You gonna leave after this season?" To which Jost, without hesitating replied, "Talking to ["Weekend Update" co-host Michael] Che about it in general, I'm not sure. The COVID stuff has really affected how I feel about it because being away from people who make you laugh at work in that way for this long, really makes you appreciative of not only the job, but of the routine of being at work." 

Due to the pandemic, SNL did a number of remote shows last season, which were well received by fans. Still, Jost seemed to indicate that way of doing the work was taking a toll on him, and there is no indication when the cast will return to 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

"Without the routine, you could be in L.A. and go months without seeing friends, and you're much more isolated. Whereas at our job, you have nowhere to hide," he told Stern. 

The comic, who has been a writer for SNL since 2005 and on "Weekend Update" since 2014, explained to Stern once hired, castmembers usually have an "anxiety" to do other projects, or "prove your worth in another way."

In his memoir, A Very Punchable Face, Jost noted he was toying with leaving SNL after the 2020 election.