Screenwriter Allan Loeb Lists Three-Level Beachfront Penthouse

The writer behind the upcoming 'Collateral Beauty,' starring Will Smith, is asking $3.695 million for the condominium that has over 800 square feet of outdoor deck space.

For years, screenwriter Allan Loeb was scratching out a commendable professional existence. He was finding steady work from the studios doing rewrite work — enough to put up a down payment on a three-level penthouse in Venice — but he couldn’t kick this niggling feeling that the story he needed to tell just wasn’t getting on to the page. So he started turning down work, and holed himself up inside his beachfront property for months to pump out the script that he always wanted to write.

“It was a unique story and I had to get it out of me,” Loeb tells The Hollywood Reporter. “This beach place was instrumental and it inspired me to write at my best, to take a risk, and soak in the ocean air.”

What resulted was Collateral Beauty, which stars Will Smith, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet and is being released by Warner Bros. on Dec. 16.

With reluctance Loeb is now parting ways with the condominium that he credits with giving him the peace of mind to take that creative plunge just weeks before his movie hits the theaters. The asking price is $3.695 million.

Located in the Marina Peninsula neighborhood at 1 Eastwind Street, the Lorcan O'Herlihy-designed penthouse is flooded with light from the two story walls of glass. It has three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and the 2,300 square-foot space is divided into a gourmet kitchen, dining quarters and lofted lounge. The home also has 800 square feet of outdoor space that is newly refurbished with views overlooking the Marina del Rey pier, offering a raised firepit, outdoor kitchen and access to a third bedroom, which could serve as an office or a gym.

Loeb says he is selling because he is spending increasing amounts of time in New York and hasn’t been able to take advantage of the space that once inspired him to write the script. “It doesn’t make sense to me. I have this Jewish guilt about not using this spectacular place as much as I should,” he says.

Partners Trust’s Mark Kitching is the listing agent on the condo.