Collective lines up talent

New firm's clients include Enrique Iglesias, Eddie Izzard

Personal branding just got easier for Enrique Iglesias, Eddie Izzard, John Leguizamo and Taylor Momsen.

They are among the first clients of the management-production firm the Collective to take advantage of its new partnership with social networking hub Ning. The deal will foster a Web presence for the performers that allows them to have greater creative control over their fan interaction and personal brands.

The Collective's clients will have the opportunity to identify and connect directly with their fans and to create their own revenue opportunities around the projects and causes about which they are most passionate. They will own the data and content on their social networks and will have full access to the recently announced Ning Apps Platform.

Iglesias, for example, is an international star with global appeal who has sold more than 60 million records worldwide, while Momsen is a TV star and recording artist who also has a fashion brand.

"I have been blessed to have so many fans in all parts of the world, and I've been looking for a platform that allows me to connect with them while also allowing my fans to communicate and participate in my life and career," Iglesias said.

"The No. 1 goal of our artists is to identify and communicate directly with their fans," said Aaron Ray, a partner of the Collective. "There is no longer a need for a middleman to own this relationship. Ning's commitment to developing exclusive Ning Apps for our artists is a huge advantage over anyone in this space. Regardless of what happens to the media business, our clients will now have the ability to transport their relationships and fanbases."