Collective Soul inks with Target for album


NEW YORK -- Collective Soul has struck a deal with Target, making it the exclusive physical retailer for its next album. "Afterwords" is due Aug. 28 and will be issued by the band's own El Music Group imprint. The set will also be available digitally on iTunes.

"We definitely considered all means of distribution for this album but this new partnership with Target is a new way of doing business," Collective Soul frontman Ed Roland tells "There seems to be no right or wrong way in the industry these days and it's exciting to be doing something different. We were with a major label for seven years and five albums. All the new alternatives are very intriguing."

Plus, "there are two stores within miles of one another where I live in Georgia," he says. "I'm literally there every week getting the latest and greatest video game for my son."

On "Afterwords," the group worked behind-the-scenes with prior collaborators Shawn Grove and Anthony J. Resta, while Roland co-wrote with guitarist Joel Kosche. He describes "All That I Know" as "a real different style for the band," while "Good Morning After All" is "triumphant and positive" and "Adored" stands out for its "simplistic arrangement and instrumentation."

"It's all there -- heavy, melodic rock to the three-minute pop song (see radio single 'Hollywood')," Roland says. "We're still a guitar-oriented band, but we're more confident than ever in the music we're making and the reason we're making it."

As previously reported, Collective Soul will spend most of the summer touring with Live and Counting Crows. That run begins July 22 in Wilmington, Del.