College Student Sells First Spot in iPad 2 Line for $900 (Video)

After waiting 41 hours at an Apple store in Manhattan, Amanda Foote says she plans to spend her earnings on Lady Gaga tickets.

Apple fans are known for their obsessive devotion to new products, and now Manhattan Community college student Amanda Foote has capitalized on that.

Foote arrived at the Apple store on New York's Fifth Avenue at 5 p.m. Wednesday, nabbing the coveted first place in line for the iPad 2. She waited nearly 41 hours, sleeping a total of only 3 hours and 10 minutes and spending most of Thursday getting drenched by a downpour, before handing her spot over to app developer Hazem Sayed for $900.
Sayed took over Foote's spot at 9 a.m. on Friday. He was willing to spend the extra cash -- nearly twice the cost of the $499 iPad 2 -- for the chance to take Apple's latest gadget with him on a business trip he was leaving for Friday evening.
In an interview with Mashable, Foote was upbeat about the stint, calling it "an adventure."
She said she plans to use the money to see Lady Gaga in concert.
The practice of selling spots in lines for new Apple products has become a booming business. In addition to a $600 offer Foote said she received within her first hour of waiting, Mashable reports that prices of up to $999 were being listed on Craigslist for spots in other iPad 2 lines.
Last June, line holders for the iPhone 4 release sold spots for up to $1,200.
The iPad 2 hit store shelves Friday at 5 p.m.