Comcast to Bundle Netflix Subscription With Cable Package

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Courtesy of Netflix

The cable giant is making it easier for subscribers to view 'Stranger Things' and 'Orange is the New Black' and other content on the streaming service.

Despite competing in a fast-changing entertainment landscape, Comcast is expanding its partnership with Netflix by including a subscription to the streaming service in new and existing Xfinity X1 cable packages.

"Netflix offers one of the most popular on-demand services and is an important supplement to the content offering and value proposition of the X1 platform,” Sam Schwartz, chief business development officer at Comcast Cable, said Friday in a statement.

Adding a Netflix subscription to Comcast's Xfinity content package on X1 comes as Netflix looks to get into as many traditional cable boxes as possible so consumers can avoid juggling multiple devices. Netflix has similar relationships with Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and Suddenlink Communications, as it looks to bring rivals to its side.

Comcast's X1 platform is used by around 60 percent of Comcast's customers, with its built-in DVR allowing subscribers to record six shows simultaneously and download shows for watching on mobile devices.

Comcast said nearly half of its X1 customers already use Netflix, so adding a video streaming subscription offers subscriber convenience, including the cable and telco giant handling monthly billing. There's no word on pricing, beyond Comcast indicating “a variety of initial offers” will be unveiled. 

"Our partnership with Comcast on Xfinity X1 has brought easy access to Netflix for our mutual customers," Bill Holmes, global head of business development for Netflix, said in his own statement. "We can’t wait to introduce more X1 customers to Netflix with Xfinity’s new packaged offers," he added.