Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Calls Netflix Streaming Service a Positive

Bloomberg/Getty Images

“What used to be called "reruns" on television is now called Netflix,” he says and talks about how NBC executives came up with the idea to do away with the peacock in NBCUniversal’s corporate logo.

NEW YORK – Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts sees Netflix’s content deals for its streaming video service as a positive for his company’s NBCUniversal that is not hurting Comcast’s core cable business, he told the Wall Street Journal.

“What used to be called "reruns" on television is now called Netflix,” he said. “We're not seeing it cut into our core business, but we are glad as a producer of content to see the value of that content rising.”

Why did Comcast discard of the peacock in NBCUniversal's corporate logo?
“That actually was a recommendation from NBC's creative team before we got here,” Roberts said. “They had done some internal work, and I think wanted a sense of it's a new company on day one, for just NBCUniversal. But, at NBC broadcast, the peacock is very much still the symbol that will always be there, I believe.”

Asked by the Journal why NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke recently said that turning around the NBC broadcast network will take years, Roberts explained: “The time cycle for changing broadcast television is years, which is how long it takes for new shows to come out. So, we just have to set reasonable expectations.”