Comcast invests in Giant Realm


SAN DIEGO -- Comcast Interactive Capital will invest in Giant Realm, the rapidly growing affiliate network of video game/entertainment sites targeting men 16-34.

The venture-capital arm of the cable giant will lead a new round of financing totaling $3.5 million. Giant Realm also is backed by Edison Ventures Fund and WMA, which founded and previously funded the company.

Giant Realm CEO James Green said the cash infusion will fuel expansion of its staff, enhancement of the Giant Realm destination site and enable further development of its online publisher group.

Green said he expects Comcast to be far more than a passive investor going forward. "One of Comcast's primary products is high-speed Internet, and one of the biggest consumers of that are people who play video games online. We have that core demographic as our audience, so there are some opportunities."

He said there are no formal announcements yet.

Giant Realm reaches more than 11 million men ages 16-34 each month through dozens of online destinations, including GameRiot, SpawnPoint, Myndflame and ModDb.

"Guys under 34 disappeared from traditional media years ago, and now they're also disappearing from major portions of the Internet, including major portals," Green said. "Instead they're hanging in a variety on niche sites -- anime, 'World of Warcraft' community sites and destinations dedicated to particular genres of movies and TV."

Green was quick to credit WMA for playing a huge role in the company's early growth. "They've been a fantastic partner for us," he said. "William Morris is involved in a lot of different areas, and they have been tremendously helpful in sourcing deals, validating deals and helping to introduce us to studios."