Comcast plans localized 'E! News'

Weekly, half-hour show will mix Hollywood, Asia news

HONG KONG -- Comcast plans to create a localized Asian version of its celebrity show "E! News."
The move was announced Monday as part of a wider plan by Comcast International Media Group to increase investment in localized Asian entertainment, local specials and interstitials. The plan was announced on the eve of the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia's annual convention, which kicks off Tuesday in Hong Kong.
The new "E! News Asia" will be a weekly, half-hour show featuring local Asian hosts and mixing celebrity news from Hollywood and Asia and relevant stories from key Asian entertainment hubs. Additionally, CIMG will increase Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai-language subtitling for E! Entertainment programming in key regional markets.
"The Asia Pacific region is one of the global media industry’s most exciting areas of growth," said Christine Fellowes, managing director, Asia Pacific, CIMG. "The expansion of our activities to include local production is the next stage of our business' evolution as viewership reaches critical mass and advertisers seek to interact more closely with the brand."
The company already operates local versions of E! News in Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Latin America."