Comcast Responds to Sexual Harassment Claims by Former Employees

Comcast Center Headquarters Philadelphia - Getty - H 2018
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Several women came forward, alleging years of misconduct occurred at the cable company.

Comcast responded Thursday to allegations that managers at the cable company, including at Comcast's call centers, were lax in dealing with allegations that male employees were sexually harassing their female counterparts.

The accusations were first made public in a report posted on Jezebel that cites six women who say men frequently spoke to them in sexually suggestive terms, used foul language and grabbed at them, and when they complained, they were often treated as "villains."

"I have a right to be at my job and not hear you talk about dicks and balls and how much cooch you got," one woman is quoted as saying in the article. The story largely focuses on call centers, and a person close to the situation told The Hollywood Reporter that a few of the women involved in the story worked for Comcast but not at a call center.

"Sexual harassment, or harassment of any kind, is not tolerated at Comcast," the company said in a statement obtained by THR"The company was founded on a foundation of respect, integrity and trust. We have strong policies against sexual and other forms of harassment and encourage employees to report any harassing behavior. Any allegation of harassment is taken very seriously."

One woman said that men would routinely ask a female colleague returning from maternity leave, "Got milk?" She said a man tried to pull her out of her chair in order to hug her and that she overheard one employee say to another: "You were snoring because I screwed you so hard last night. You broke the bed."

Another woman said a male boss routinely looked down her shirt and a female boss flirted with her, would run her fingers through her hair and would frequently "smack me on the butt."

An additional woman said her supervisor talked about her tight-fitting clothes and made inappropriate jokes (such as mixing up the words "condiment" and "condom"). When she returned from vacationing with her husband, the supervisor asked: "Did we make a baby?" The woman said she is suffering from PTSD and is on disability leave.

Another claim by a female employee states that 14 years ago at a call center in Florida a male employee whipped out his cell phone and showed her a picture of his penis, while on another occasion he came by her apartment and "got handsy and kissed on me."

Two of the women profiled by Jezebel are in the midst of legal action against Comcast.