Comedians Convene for Dr. Drew Pinsky's Birthday But Leave Roast Jokes Behind

Dr. Drew Pinsky 60th birthday - Getty - H 2018
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Adam Carolla, Bob Saget, Joel McHale, Nikki Glaser, Tom Arnold, Craig Shoemaker and more toasted the popular addiction specialist in Los Angeles and helped raise money for prostate cancer research.

Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts radio and television shows, plus four podcasts, and his 60th birthday party Sunday night was another testament to his multitasking ways. Held at STK Los Angeles, the restaurant inside Westwood’s W Hotel, the celebration also served as the backdrop for a podcast taping and the kickoff of Pinsky’s monthlong Prostate Cancer Foundation fundraiser. Now a member of the organization’s board, he was diagnosed with the disease in 2011.

"I thought everyone was going way too far, to even have a biopsy," the father of triplets told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was pissed, I was like, 'God, just because it’s me, you’re overkilling it.'" For the next two years, Pinsky’s cancer required active surveillance. Then his tumor "started expanding, so I was like, ‘We’ve got to go get it.'" Prostate removal surgery freed him of cancer, and he went public with his health scare. 

Due to audio problems, STK’s layout and the din of a mostly standing-room-only crowd, the podcast portion of the evening was less successful. Guests such as Bob Saget, Joel McHale, Los Angeles Lakers owner/president Jeanie Buss, Nikki Glaser, Tom Arnold and Crazy Rich Asians actor Jimmy O. Yang sat down with Pinsky and Adam Carolla — his former Loveline foil and current Adam and Drew Show co-anchor — for three-minute increments, which Pinsky had envisioned as his personal roast.

Almost everyone demurred, although an exception was his Dr. Drew Midday Live With Lauren Sivan co-host. Days after The New York Times reported the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Sivan accused Weinstein of once trapping her in the hallway of a Manhattan restaurant, where — after she rejected his attempt to kiss her — the ex-studio chairman forced her to watch him masturbate and ejaculate into a potted plant. Sivan concluded her stage time by thanking Pinsky for “never pull[ing] out his penis at work!” Pinsky was ready with a quick retort: “And there are potted plants all over the studio!”

Throughout the podcast, Carolla mocked Pinsky as a press hound, yet additional famous partygoers emphatically praised him to THR. “What we have to do is clean the world up,” said Saget, who directed Pinsky in a cameo for his upcoming feature Benjamin. “He’s a guy that legitimately has helped and saved people’s lives. That’s what we want to aspire to be.” Added Buss, “The NBA has really taken a platform about advocating for mental health and well-being for our players, and I think Dr. Drew has really paved a path for people to kind of marry pop culture and therapy.”

McHale, the son of a prostate cancer survivor, first joked about meeting Pinsky when “we were both addicted to methadone in the early 2000s, and I still am,” but got earnest about the times Pinsky has provided counsel to his family. “My wife had a miscarriage way back when,” said the upcoming Assassination Nation co-star, who now has two boys. “We would call him. … He was so busy at the time, but he would drop everything and talk to me, and he did not have to. It wasn’t like he was her doctor, but on the fly it’d be like, ‘Is this normal?’ And so I am indebted to the man.”