Comedy Central Blog Uncovers Republican Mystery

Comedy Central

Indecision Forever reveals the identity of Herman Cain economic advisor Rich Lowrie.

Comedy Central's Indecision Forever blog regularly mocks the political process but earlier this week, it actually clarified a mystery about Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain that had not been widely circulated.

During a Fox News Sunday interview this weekend, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO refused to divulge the names of the economic advisors behind his 9-9-9 tax plan (9 percent sales tax, 9 percent income tax and 9 percent corporate tax). He told host Chris Wallace that he didn't want to "compromise their confidentiality at this point" but he did offer up the name Rich Lowery as the chairman of his advisors.

Taking the lead from a Spencer Daily Reporter story, Indecision Forever revealed that the previously unknown Rich Lowrie was "a wealth management adviser with an accounting degree" that had donated to Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign effort and has affiliations with the American Conservative Union and Americans for Prosperity.

Lowrie also donated $1,000 to Cain's "Hermanator PAC" in 2010 and $500 to Cain's presidential campaign this year, notes the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog.

Indecision Forever currently features stories about GOP underdogs, The Daily Show's recent Emmy wins and a Bill Clinton archival piece on its homepage.