Comedy Central International Adds to Shortform Series Lineup

Courtesy of Comedy Central International
'Bad Cramps' will star Georgie Fuller and Danni Jackson, who previously starred in 'Bad Snappers' (pictured)

'Bad Cramps' and 'Laughing at Salad' add female-focused programming, with 'Waiting' and two returning shows also in the works.

Viacom’s Comedy Central International is adding to its lineup of shortform series with a slate of new and returning projects, including a couple of female-led shows.

Viacom Digital Studios International and Comedy Central International on Monday unveiled new series Bad Cramps, which launches Monday, and Laughing at Salad, which will debut in January.

They have also ordered new scripted show Waiting, as well as season two of Fin Taylor’s Bullshit Bingo and season three of Josh Investigates.

“As Comedy Central International continues to invest in its digital content with the expanded slate, the network is also boosting its female-focused programming,” the company said.

Bad Cramps stars Georgie Fuller and Danni Jackson, who are known as the Cramps and made a bigger name for themselves with Comedy Central’s digital shortform series Bad Snappers, which reached 16 million views. "Now the duo is back with a sexy, raucous and completely inappropriate take on everything from one-night stands to heavy periods," the company said. The series’ six five-minute episodes are already available on Comedy Central U.K.’s YouTube and Facebook pages, with additional regional releases planned in the coming weeks.

Laughing at Salad is a nine-part sketch series with an all-female lineup, including Maddie Rice, Beth Rylance, Bronwyn James, Danielle Vitalis and Elinor Lawless. Each sketch is written by different female writers, with topics covered including death threats, how to deal with a hangover and surviving the hen party from hell.

Waiting is a 10-part series from Ryan Sampson, star of Plebs and Up the Women. It focuses on two characters who are stuck waiting in various scenarios.