Comedy Central Mocks Star Endorsements, Launches Voting Campaign

"Many normal Americans like us don't know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do," one man states in the PSA.

Comedy Central is the latest network to encourage viewers to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

The #ShouldWeVote campaign, which launched on Thursday, encourages a conversation about the importance of voting. It flips the narrative of the many star-based campaigns that tell Americans why they should vote. Through the PSA, people are encouraged to ask their favorite stars why voting matters. The campaign will be featured on the network as well as across its social media platforms leading up to Election Day on Nov. 6.

The PSA for the campaign opens with everyday people reminding viewers that the election is coming up. "You might be thinking," begins a man before a woman continues, "'Wow, a new president already?'"

"This is not a presidential election," said another woman. The people then listed every position you can vote for in the election, including senators, congress members, governors and local officials.

"All Americans are asking themselves the same questions. 'Should I vote?'" they said. "How will I know that I should vote if celebrities don't tell me to?"

One man asked if Emma Stone thinks he should vote, while a woman wondered if John Krasinski wants her to vote.

"Many normal Americans like us don't know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do," the PSA continued.

"Should I moisturize?" a woman asked. A man answered, "Jennifer Aniston says you should."

The normal people then addressed a number of influential stars and asked if they should vote. Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner's baby and the cast of Riverdale are just some of the people mentioned in the video.

"Your silence is deafening," said one man.

The PSA concluded with onscreen text that encourages people to tag their favorite stars on social media with #ShouldWeVote.

Comedy Central's PSA was released just days after Freeform launched an initiative to encourage their young viewers to vote. Freeform's PSA included appearances from many of the networks' stars explaining to viewers how easy and quick it is to vote.

Watch the Comedy Central's PSA above.