Comedy Website Weather From to Launch with David Krumholtz (Exclusive)

Gigi Weather From - P 2014
Courtesy of Weather From

Gigi Weather From - P 2014

The actor will play Jewish grandmother Gigi as she reads the weather report.

A new comedy website is looking to liven up your local weather report.

Weather From will launch May 20 to provide daily weather updates with a twist -- actor David Krumholtz will read the report in character as Jewish grandmother Gigi. The comedian has pretaped 35 different video segments that will play based on the weather in a particular region. Daily reports are provided on the website from the National Weather Service. 

"So many people rely on local weather reports to tell them what's going on every single day," Krumholtz tells THR. "We thought, 'Why not make them laugh while they're watching it?' " 

Weather From comes from executive producer Barry Sonders and writer-directors Zach Golden and Ricky Mabe. They founded the site in 2013 and plan to expand beyond Krumholtz's character after its launch. Krumholtz says longtime friend Mabe approached him to play Gigi because it's similar to an impression he's done. He describes the character as "very opinionated, very obnoxious."

Makeup designer Tony Gardner and his team at Alterian, which worked on Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, spent 4½ hours applying prosthetics and makeup on Krumholtz to transform him into Gigi.

"My grandmother was like Gigi," Krumholtz says. "I just channeled her on that day."