Comic-Con: Quentin Tarantino Confirms He's Making 'The Hateful Eight'

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The director made it official in San Diego.

Quentin Tarantino is moving forward on The Hateful Eight.

The director, who halted work on the film after the script was leaked online and he was enmeshed in a legal fight with Gawker over the leak, confirmed at Comic-Con that the Western would be his next project.

During a panel to discuss his upcoming Django Unchained/Zorro comic, Tarantino was asked about the movie by a fan.

"Yes, we are going to be doing The Hateful Eight," Tarantino said, according to IGN and Collider. "All for you. We weren't sure about it, but I just decided just now."

Tarantino had planned to make the Western his next film but stopped working on it after the script was leaked by Gawker. The director was then embroiled in a legal fight with the website, which ended with him withdrawing the suit in May.

In April, he staged a star-studded reading of the script featuring Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, Amber Tamblyn, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth and Samuel L. Jackson. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy said that Tarantino intended to shoot the film next winter.

McCarthy also said Jackson would "have a field day" with the material onscreen.

Set in snowy Wyoming a few years after the Civil War, The Hateful Eight, at least at the time of the script read, focuses on the tension among a group of people trapped after a blizzard diverts a stagecoach from its route. The group includes a competing pair of bounty hunters, a renegade Confederate soldier and a female prisoner in a saloon.