Comic-Con: Raw deal for digital comics


Video game developer D2C kicked off this year's San Diego Comic-Con International by announcing a partnership with Raw Studios to produce downloadable digital comic books based on Raw properties.

The first two titles in the new deal, "Bad Planet" and "Alien Pig Farm 3000," are being readied for the Sony PlayStation Portable, PC and mobile platforms in the fall. D2C has formed a new division, D2 Comics, expressly to turn these printed properties into interactive experiences, complete with original musical scores and behind-the-scenes commentary.

"We believe Raw Studios can help us deliver new and compelling intellectual properties for the mass market," D2 Comics producer Ludon Lee said. "We are convinced that Raw Studios can gather the best talents in its industry who are looking to cross over into a new age of digital entertainment."

Raw was founded by actor Thomas Jane, who said he also is generating initial interest in potential movie versions of Raw titles thanks in large part to such graphic novels as "Sin City" and "300" that proved to be successful on the big screen as well.

"A lot what used to be considered niche storytelling genres are proving to be fruitful, creative and lucrative vehicles for the mass market," said Jane, who has appeared in "The Punisher" and "The Mist." "This is causing a lot more attention to be paid to smaller creative companies like ours."
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