Comic Legend Jackie Mason Defends Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech (Audio)

The comedian said pundits panning the actor's remarks "sound like idiots to me."

Jackie Mason, whose career as a comedian stretches across more than five decades, is defending Clint Eastwood’s comedy routine at the Republican National Convention as “brilliant.”

Commentators who are attacking Eastwood’s act, Mason said Saturday,“sound like idiots to me. They are trying to intellectualize it…because it was too much comedy. It was inappropriate, it was insulting, it was bad taste … these people are absolutely nuts!”

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Mason was speaking as a guest on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on New York’s WABC Radio. Eastwood’s performance, which has been widely panned by political pundits and Hollywood stars, “was a brilliantly conceived comedy routine,” Mason said.

The 82-year-old Eastwood, said Mason, “purposely put on an act of being a little frazzled, of being a little old, to make it sound like he wasn’t being intentionally abusive or directly attacking anybody. He wanted it to sound like the meanderings of an older person who happens to be saying these things. And this was so artfully, perfectly conceived.”

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Mason said proof that Eastwood “hit the nail exactly on the head” was in the way the audience responded live at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Thursday night.

“If 3,000 people love something and they think it’s a sensation and they are laughing their heads off and one commentator decides it’s a flop, who would you listen to?” asked Mason. “Each one of his lines had a huge, insane laugh. The audience loved every minute of it. If you
read it, you’ll find every joke was exactly to the point.”