Twitter Criticizes Host Matt Lauer After Clinton-Trump Commander-in-Chief Forum

Heidi Gutman/NBC
Donald Trump (left) and Matt Lauer

The NBC host faced online backlash after failing to press Donald Trump on his claim that he opposed the Iraq War in 2002.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sat down Wednesday for their first joint-candidate event of the general election, and in the end, it was moderator Matt Lauer who faced the most Twitter backlash.

The NBC host spoke with both candidates during the forum, in which they covered topics of national security and the military with questions fielded by Lauer and a live audience comprising active-duty service members and veterans.

Lauer started by asking them both about "the most important characteristic that a commander-in-chief can possess" and military policies in general, but focused more on Clinton's email scandal and failed to press Trump on his claim that he opposed the Iraq War. 

See some of the reactions below.