Common album due in December

Two tracks already released

NEW YORK -- Common has announced Dec. 9 as the new release date for his forthcoming Geffen album, "Universal Mind Control." The set was originally expected in July.

Two songs, "Announcement" and "Universal Mind Control" both of which feature Pharrell Williams, have already been released. The album also includes two fresh songs, "Gladiator" and "Inhale."

The former comes closest to prototypical sincere Common rapping, as he rhymes about destroying other MCs over horn wails, driving drums and a thick bassline.

"Punch Drunk Love" now features Kanye West spitting the catchy chorus "Am I crazy, or was you giving me the eye?" "Sex 4 Sugar," which Common previously described as a conversation with a dancer, now has faster drums, and "Everywhere," which was formerly called "Runaway" and set to feature Santogold, now sports a dreamy layered chorus, sans Santogold, over a guitar riff similar to Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield."

The album's production is still split between the Neptunes and OutKast cohort Mr. DJ. West has not contributed any production to "Universal Mind Control."

Here is the track listing for "Universal Mind Control":

"Universal Mind Control"
"Punch Drunk Love" featuring Kanye West
"Make My Day" featuring Cee-Lo Green
"Sex 4 Sugar"
"Announcement" featuring Pharrell Williams
"What a World"