'Community' Stars, Creator, React to Midseason Schedule Change

Snub: Community

Outstanding comedy series. Hello, Academy, don’t let the fact that the show is about a bunch of underachievers confuse you. This series should get extra credit for being smart, hilarious and sexy. Waving at you, Joel McHale.


Joel McHale, Alison Brie and Dan Harmon were among those to comment on news that the half-hour comedy is not remaining in NBC's midseason primetime lineup.

NBC announced its midseason schedule Monday, and Community (which is currently in its third season) wasn't on it (Maria Bello's Prime Suspect was also missing from the new lineup). 

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But, before fans of the ratings-challenged comedy series could decide to send "save the show" letters to NBC, sources told The Hollywood Reporter the network does not plan to cancel it. Community will return at a date that has yet to be determined, said insiders. 

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However, the news did spark Twitter comments from some of the show's key players, who seemed less than thrilled with the midseason knock off. 

Executive producer Neil Goldman tweeted "Midseason schedule burn!" after the news broke. 

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To which, series creator Dan Harmon responded "Streets ahold!" 

This caused actress Alison Brie to write, "Troy and Abed in the...summer??" while retweeting her bosses comments. 

Show star Joel McHale then retweeted the entire dialog, adding his own comment, "Horsebot 3000 Noooo!"

As of Monday evening, there was no word from the show's other stars, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover (who did tweet promoting his new album Camp, which hits stores Tuesday, Nov. 15), Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Brown and Chevy Chase (who doesn't have a twitter).