Compliance a focus of d-cinema rollout


While the studio consortium Digital Cinema Initiatives is moving forward with plans to test d-cinema systems to make sure they are DCI-compliant, projectors using the current version of Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema technology might not measure up to the new standard.

According to several insiders familiar with the spec, those projectors might not pass the DCI compliance test because they do not meet the requirement for Federal Information Processing Standards certification, essentially a security measure.

But DLP Cinema business manager Nancy Fares said: "We have a work-around that has been an acceptable solution. The studios are getting a solution as secure as they envisioned it to be."

Because studios want to see the d-cinema rollout proceed, other observers suggested that projectors using the current DLP technology could be grandfathered into studio d-cinema deals.

There are about 7,000 DLP Cinema-based projectors from Barco, Christie and NEC deployed worldwide; they comprise about 4,800 of the nearly 5,000 in use in the U.S. and have become a sort of de facto standard in the initial d-cinema rollout.

Barco declined comment, and Christie and NEC did not respond to calls for comment.

DCI testing will begin this month at the newly named test sites, including CineCert in the U.S. (partialdiff)