'Conan the Barbarian:' What Fans Say


One calls it "the film equivalent of having someone punch you in the face for two straight hours while someone screams in your ear," while another touts it as "awesome."

Fans seem to mixed about Conan the Barbarian, which The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt reviewed as, "Non-stop blood-and-guts action aimed at game boys and emotionally stunted lovers of adolescent fantasy." The violent remake, which features a death every one minute according to AOL Moviefone's extremely detailed break-down of how the actors die, hits theaters Friday.

Here's what a mix of fans and critics are saying on Twitter so far:

scottEweinberg Scott Weinberg
You know how some movies are called "critic-proof"? Movies like CONAN are "praise-proof." They just get bashed.

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AlejoEC Alex Christensen
There were a handful of cool 3-D shots in #FrightNight, more in "Conan the Barbarian," but overall "Conan"'s 3-D was more poorly utilized.

HorrorFixation Nix Macabra
saw it last night, forgot to check in. It was good movie, not as good as the old one. (Conan the Barbarian (2011)) gomiso.com/r/aEU7

DylanRaynes Dylan
Conan The Barbarian is the film equivalent of having someone punch you in the face for two straight hours while someone screams in your ear

DylanRaynes Dylan
The Conan barbarian movie sucks :Take a bad movie in two dimensions, film it in three, and what do you get? Three entire dimensions of lousy

headgeek666 Harry Knowles
Saw the new CONAN... didn't hate it. But it has a long ways to go.
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scottEweinberg Scott Weinberg
About half the negative reviews on CONAN THE BARBARIAN will be from people who are just ashamed to admit they liked it. ;o)

richardroeper Richard Roeper
How did Conan the Barbarian find the time to get an L.A. tan, health club pecs, hair product, body wax and perpetual one-day stubble?

HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
How much $ do the folks behind "Conan the Barbarian" owe HBO for making Jason Momoa into a non-laughable leading man?

batcamp Bob Camp
So glad I did not get the part to play "Conan the Barbarian." The women in the movie are stronger than I am.

LaHockey11 Lara Hansen
Happy Conan the Barbarian Day! It feels like I've been waiting for this day for years! Wait. I have. Can't wait to see a 14ft Jason Momoa!!

leftydammit Lefty McRighty
"Conan The Barbarian: 101 minutes of unrelenting gore" - how is this a problem?

KwanToh Kwan Toh
Just watched Conan the Barbarian movie, absolute crap, main actors R 2 immaculate for the era, only the baddies looks Da part.

lordzion Lord Zion
REVIEW: Even If You Like ’Em Big and Stupid, Conan the Barbarian Disappoints http://me.lt/9x0UV <-Simple. Don't f--k with a classic!

eLaineracheLLe racheLLe aLcovindas
Just got homee :) just watched Conan the Barbarian 8D it was awesome :D kahit lagi akong napapapikit. :))))