Conan vs. Leno, Justin Bieber vs. Lady Gaga – Who Has More Social Media Influence?

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Find out how Britney Spears learned to increase her rating on Klout, which scores individuals based on the strength of their digital brand.

NEW YORK – Whatever the TV ratings may be, Conan O’Brien’s social media influence is higher than Jay Leno’s, the Wall Street Journal pointed out Tuesday. 

According to technology company Klout, which ranks people based on their influence in social media circles, particularly based on their Twitter activity and followers, O’Brien has a social media rating of 90, compared to Leno’s 65, the Journal mentioned.

The paper also pointed out that Justin Bieber scores a 100 Klout rating, compared to Lady Gaga’s 90 and the 87 score for Britney Spears. Meanwhile, tech executives Bill Gates of Microsoft and Google’s Eric Schmidt rank about evenly in social media clout at 76 and 75, respectively. 

Klout is one of various companies looking to rate influentials and the strength of individuals’ brands depending on the number and kinds of people who follow them on Twitter or comment on their Facebook pages.

Last year, Adam Leber and Larry Rudolph, the managers of Spears, asked for a meeting with Klout CEO Joe Fernandez to find out why the music star’s Klout score hovered at around 64, well below others, according to the Journal.

Fernandez told the paper that he suggested that Spears tweet more frequently and send more tweets herself instead of having others tweet on her behalf.

Leber said Spears took some of the advice, such as blasting updates across multiple services such as Twitter and Facebook. But, he said, he was reluctant to inundate Spears' followers with too many tweets. "You want to leave them wanting more," he told the Journal. Spears has since managed to raise her Klout score.