Conan Meets With Refugees, Chats With Gal Gadot in Israel Special

Conan in Israel Still 1 - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of TBS

He also visited Ziv Medical Center, a hospital where Israeli doctors are treating wounded Syrians, during his trip.

Conan O'Brien recently took a trip to Israel. The mission? "Make people laugh, and in the process alienate everyone."

Speaking to some pedestrians, the host asks what the Israeli attitude is toward President Trump. "It's a good show for us," one of them replies. "Did you know that the president's son-in-law is working very hard on making a peace plan [for the Middle East]? Jared Kushner has been studying very hard on the issue of Middle East peace," O'Brien explained to the group, before pulling out a copy of the book Middle East Peace for Dummies and proclaiming that Kushner "read two pages and got confused and went home." 

While abroad, O'Brien ran into a few stars (Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot, namely), relaxed in the Dead Sea, threw himself a bar mitzvah, visited the Tel Aviv Waze HQ, went hookah shopping in Bethlehem, starred in a scene in Fauda, and, as always, learned the local dance styles. While at the Syrian border, he also visited Ziv Medical Center, a hospital where Israeli doctors are treating wounded Syrians. While at the West Bank, he talks with Palestinian activists and young people who have lived their whole lives in refugee camps.

At one point, O'Brien says that Gadot is "the whole reason" he came to Israel, before excitedly knocking on the star's door. Although he can't contain his enthusiasm, Gadot seems less interested. When he asks her if she'd like to get a drink or "go ballooning," she stutters, "I ... I have ... Some people actually just came over and I have plans."

"I could come in and make pancakes," O'Brien counters, which makes Gadot laugh. "I just had breakfast," she says, to which the late-night host replies, "That's awkward."

This is the latest of O'Brien's string of international trips, which have also included trying to fundraise for the wall in Mexico, serenading a tour guide in Cuba, visiting a German beer hall with Flula Borg in Berlin and starring in a K-pop music video with The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun in Korea

Watch more clips of the trip below.