Conan O'Brien, George Lopez Joke About Being on Basic Cable

Conan O'Brien and his fellow TBS late-night host George Lopez swapped stories about the differences between working in broadcast TV vs. cable Monday night on O'Brien's show, Conan.
"You can say sh-t!," quipped Lopez, host of Lopez Tonight, which airs after Conan. [Watch the full interview below.]
He joked that TBS founder Ted Turner -- or rather former Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte reprising his role on the late-night show -- had just bought his show for a $50 Zappos card.
The two also mentioned that they competed against such shows as A&E's Intervention and TLC's 19 Kids and Counting. Lopez joked that if he and O'Brien had to become addicts to steal viewers away from Intervention, then so be it.

In addition, Lopez brought up the nickname that he came up with for him and O'Brien: Coco Loco.

"We are a formidable team that will take late-night into the future, but you and I combined are still losing to something more powerful," Lopez said.

"Tell me what that is," O'Brien responded.

"Univision," Lopez replied, after which O'Brien showed a clip of a Jerry Springer-esque Spanish show with participants trying to pop a balloon.

In an earlier segment, O'Brien mentioned going up against Oprah Winfrey at this year's People's Choice Awards. According to O'Brien, he had something over the talk show queen: a blimp. But that was quickly proven wrong, as a large V-like flying contraption sucked O'Brien's orange blimp from the sky and spit it out.