Conan O'Brien: I 'Sink to a New Low -- In a Good Way' on TBS Show


VIDEO: Watch the talk show host’s online show 'Show Zero' ahead of his Nov. 8 premiere.

Conan O'Brien says all bets are off when he launches his TBS show Conan on Nov. 8.

"This is the show that someone does after they've survived a serious car accident. There's a little bit of -- and I think in a good way -- a ‘let's just go for it’ kind of feel," O'Brien tells Entertainment Weekly.

"I've been doing one show or another for about 17 years, and then you have this razor's edge nine months that I've had recently and you think about things a little differently," he goes on. "So, there's more of a feeling of 'Screw it, I'm not going to second-guess anything' and 'If it makes me laugh, I'm just going to go for it.' And that, I think, is going to serve me well for about 3 months."

What can he guarantee about the new show?

"You'll see me sink to a new low. In a good way," jokes O'Brien, who gave fans a sneak peek by airing "Show Zero" online Monday night. Watch above.

O'Brien says his wounds haven't completely healed in the nine months since he was booted from NBC so Jay Leno could return to host the Tonight Show. [pullquote]

"Some of it's going to be with me the rest of my life, but for the most part I've been shocked at how many interesting, fun, cool, creative opportunities have come out of it all. So I prefer to look at it that way," he says.

O'Brien has taken digs at NBC, and he doesn't plan to spare TBS.

"Their primetime lineup is reruns. And I'm taking them to court over the claim that everything is "very funny," using several of my shows as evidence," he quips.