Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Joke About Donald Trump and NBC Parting Ways

Donald Trump

In 2012, Trump said he was "all for vaccinations," but thought there might be something to the idea that they are linked to autism. "I think that when you add all of these vaccinations together and then two months later the baby is so different. … I’ve known cases," he said

"Instead of cutting ties, I wish they would cut his hair," said Kimmel.

Late-night hosts are taking more swings at Donald Trump after NBC ended its relationship with the presidential candidate over remarks he made about Mexican immigrants. 

"Donald Trump has been running for president for just a little over a week, and he’s already in trouble — after Donald Trump’s derogatory comments about immigrants, NBC has officially canceled Celebrity Apprentice," Conan O'Brien said. "Think about it,: Donald Trump isn’t even president yet, and he’s already made America a better place. Today, Donald Trump reaffirmed his stance against gay marriage. Trump said, 'Marriage is between a rich guy and his much younger third wife.' "

Jimmy Kimmel also took jabs at Trump, noting that NBC said in its statement it would "cut ties" with him.

"Instead of cutting ties, I wish they would cut his hair," Kimmel said. "NBC says they will not carry Trump’s Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants because of what he said about Mexicans, and not — they want to make this very clear — not because these pageants treat women like cattle at a state fair. It was the thing about Mexicans."

On Monday, NBC announced Trump will no longer be featured in The Apprentice franchise, nor will the network air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, a joint venture between NBC and Trump.