Conan O'Brien names new TBS show

Talk show host reveals 'Conan' title via YouTube

Conan O'Brien and his team must feel pretty confident that he holds the rights to call his show "Conan."

The late night comedian announced via a video message that his new TBS show will simply be called "Conan."

That's what we speculated it would probably be about a week ago, although we noted that a European company called Conan Properties International owned the "Conan" mark in connection with the Conan the Barbarian films. We hear O'Brien's team did indeed negotiate with CPI to secure rights to the name.

Not only is the pick "Conan," but in the announcement, Conan O'Brien goes so far as to claim copyright on it. (He should have talked to his lawyers, it's primarily a trademark issue.)

We can always count on him for some good legal humor. On his Twitter feed yesterday, he joked that he was going to call his show "The Return of Nanny McPhee" before his lawyers told him that it was already taken.
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