Conan O'Brien Animates His "Adventure" to Qatar With Michelle Obama

Courtesy of YouTube/CONAN/TBS

"I'm AWOL from TBS for R&R and I'm DTF."

Conan O'Brien aired an hour-long special on Monday about his trip to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar with Michelle Obama. O'Brien was helping promote Obama's White House initiative Joining Forces.

The talk show host said he couldn't film his trip to Qatar due to security reasons, so with "the help of state-of-the-art, incredibly expensive 3D animation," he helped the audience relive his adventure.

In the comedic (and fake) retelling of his trip to Qatar, O'Brien recounts drinking all the vodka on the plane, dropping a vodka bottle on the plane's control board and being launched out of the plane as the First Lady takes over pilot duties. He eventually starts hiking 1,500 km to Qatar, is sold into a harem and is ultimately saved by Michelle Obama.

Exaggerated adventures aside, O'Brien and Obama chat about the sacrifices military families endure, and Obama explains why she got involved working with service members and veterans. 

"How do I stack up physically?" O'Brien asks, pointing out that Obama is always around fit people. Then he demonstrates his strength with a series of push-ups.

When it came to his standup, O'Brien earned a lot of laughs from the crowd by using inside jokes about the base and joking about the military in general. "I know you guys in the military love your acronyms," he said, adding that he'd figured out how to speak their language.

“Right now I’m AWOL from TBS for R&R, and I’m DTF,” he said.