Conan O'Brien, Weird Al Sing at 'The Simpsons' 25th Anniversary Live Show

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America's favorite yellow family was feted with songs, a red suit and lots of inflatable donuts

If Mr. Burns were in attendance at the live "The Simpsons Take the Hollywood Bowl" show Friday, he might have referred to the show as "excellent." 

Conan O'Brien, Weird Al, Jon Lovitz and Hank Azaria were among the high-profile stars who performed songs and talked about their involvement with the long-running Fox series. The live show, celebrating The Simpsons' 25th anniversary, continues through Sunday.

Azaria — who voices numerous characters on the show, including Apu, Moe the bartender and Chief Wiggum — hosted the event and sang Apu's tune "Who Need the Kwik-E Mart?" All of the evening's songs were accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra.

Among the show's highlights included Weird Al singing "Homer and Marge," his parody version of John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane," which aired in a 2003 episode. 

Later, former Simpsons writer O'Brien took the stage wearing a replica of the red suit that character Lyle Lanley (originally voiced by the late Phil Hartman) wore in O'Brien's 1993 episode "Marge vs. the Monorail." The talk-show host performed that episode's signature tune, "The Monorail Song."

Show creator Matt Groening was onhand to talk about the show's origins, and voice actors Yeardley Smith (Lisa) and Nancy Cartwright (Bart) sang "Minimum Wage Nanny" from the show's Mary Poppins parody episode. 

Jon Lovitz, who has voiced several characters on the show over the years, paid tribute to Hartman before performing the show's musical version of Planet of the Apes, which Hartman originally sang as character Troy McClure. 

The iconic L.A. venue was decked out with inflatable donuts, cutouts of numerous Simpsons characters and a lifesize replica of the yellow family seated on their couch, which guests waited in a lengthy line to get photographed with.

Another highlight was a video, presented as a memorial segment, which listed the numerous Fox network presidents who have been fired throughout the duration of the series' run. The video ended with Ralph Wiggum getting named the president of Fox in 2025. (Perhaps Ralph will bring back pilot season?)

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