'Conan' Unveils Willie Nelson's 'Hobbit' Audition Video

Willie Nelson live L
Rick Olivier

Campaigning to play Gandalf, the music legend shouts: "Hey, look at that dragon!"

In honor of Willie Nelson's 80th birthday, the merry pranksters at Conan have unearthed a reel from the music legend and pot enthusiast's audition for The Hobbit.

"Hey, look at that dragon!" shouts Nelson, adding: "You shall not pass an unlit joint, man. That's just not cool." Campaigning for the role of Gandalf, the wizard played by Ian McKellen in Peter Jackson's films, Nelson states, in his gravelly stoner voice: "You can hire me and fire that Ian McKellen guy. He's a good actor but, hell, I'm Willie Nelson."

McKellen's response? "Dear Willie, You are far too young to play Gandy," the venerable thespian wrote on Twitter. "But nice try; have a stoner of a birthday. Love and admiration."