Concertgoer Claims UB40 Made Her Ear Bleed

UB40 South Africa Stage - H 2011
Alexander Joe/AFP/Getty Images

UB40 South Africa Stage - H 2011

Fans streamed out of one of the reggae band's concerts in the U.K., complaining the bass was so loud it was "altering heart rhythms."

A fan who attended a UB40 concert in the U.K. on Monday claims the reggae band's performance caused her ear to bleed – literally.

According to multiple accounts from individuals in attendance at the band's show in Cambridge, the bass was so loud it was physically uncomfortable to endure.

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"There were so many people walking out because they couldn't deal with it, local music fan Anna Webster told the BBC. "It was vibrating through your whole body -- it was actually altering heart rhythms."

Webster said she left with a group of about 30 others after her ear began bleeding during the first song (although she added that she had suffered a perforation in that eardrum during her youth). No word on which particular UB40 track did the damage (it's probably safe to speculate that the band saves "Red Red Wine" and "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" for the end).

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A spokesman for the band said they were "sorry that Anna's night was spoiled."

Angela Paffett, who was also at the gig, said: "The bass crashed into you like a steam train. I had a pain in my chest."

Another fan, Stella Jackson, also said she left the show early, calling it a "waste of money" and saying it gave her a headache.