'Concussion' International Trailer: Will Smith Speaks to the Press About the NFL

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

"If I continue to speak, things could get very difficult."

The international trailer for Concussion has been released, featuring Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu. The controversial film focuses on Omalu's discovery of football-related brain trauma and the battle he endured to make his findings public.

In the trailer, Smith's Omalu talks to his dead patients while he performs their autopsy. It also shows NFL executives reacting to Omalu's research and his subsequent meeting with the press. "If I continue to speak, things could get very difficult," says Smith. 

Alec Baldwin plays another doctor, Julian Bailes, who works with Smith's Omalu to persuade the NFL to acknowledge the link between football injuries and chronic traumatic encephelopathy.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Albert Brooks also star in the film. Watch the new trailer below.