Conde Nast Vs. Carine Roitfeld: Ex-Employer Bans Staffers From Working on Her New Glossy Magazine (Report)

Carine Roitfeld amFAR - P 2012
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Carine Roitfeld amFAR - P 2012

The publishing giant reportedly has forbidden all of its photographers and editors to contribute to CR, a magazine from the former French Vogue editor-in-chief that's set to launch in September.

The New York Post's Page Six is reporting that Conde Nast, the publishing behemoth that puts out Vogue, WWD and W, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Allure and many other glossy magazines, has forbidden all of its photographers and editors to contribute to Carine Roitfeld's brand new magazine CR, due in September. If you'll recall, Roitfeld -- former stylist and muse to Tom Ford -- was the longtime (10-year) much-lauded editor-in-chief of French Vogue, which is of course published by Conde Nast.

It's not unusual for one magazine to disallow full-time employees not to work for another magazine. That's fairly common practice. But Conde Nast has apparently put the kabosh on Roitfeld working with almost any of her favorite and world-famous international fashion photographers, Mario Testino, Mert & Markus, Craig McDean and David Sims. These photographers have contracts with Conde Nast, and while the publishing giant might allow them to work outside the company from time to time, they don't want to see their work in Roitfeld's new tome.

Once you leave Conde Nast -- which Roitfeld did in 2010 -- you're considered "enemy camp," even though we highly doubt CR is even attempting to be competition with Vogue, which is actually sold in a lot of supermarkets across America. Roitfeld is not known for her accessibility -- more for the dark side of glamour.

Apparently, a Teen Vogue editor did leave Conde to go to work for CR, and this sparked all kinds of negative feelings. Well, what's the fashion industry without some drama? Roitfeld will have to look elsewhere for interesting fashion photographers and might launch some new stars in the process.