Condoleezza Rice Delivers RNC Speech With Lipstick on Her Teeth (Video)

Condoleezza Rice Lipstick RNC - H 2012

The former secretary of state is drawing attention for her "spectacular" remarks -- and her makeup gaffe.

Condoleezza Rice might be regretting not taking one last look in the mirror before hitting the stage at the 2012 Republican National Convention on Wednesday night.

Some eagled-eyed viewers watching coverage of the event couldn't help but notice that the former secretary of state had lipstick on her two front teeth while delivering her speech.

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Several took to Twitter to comment, with many expressing sympathy with Rice.

"I don't care what their beliefs are I will always feel completely awful for any woman who has lipstick on their teeth in public. #Condi #RNC," wrote one viewer.

Added another: "Poor Condoleezza Rice.... No one told her she has lipstick on her teeth #makeupfail #RNC"

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The lipstick gaffe aside, Rice is earning good reviews for her speech. The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne Jr. wrote that she "outshined" vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan by giving a speech that was "more serious and, yes, more presidential than any other speech on Wednesday night."

Even MSNBC's Chris Matthews praised Rice, calling her speech "spectacular" and "thrilling" and describing Rice herself as "presidential," as quoted by Politico.

Watch video of Rice's speech below.