'Confessions' tops 'Alice' in Japan

Domestic film's rise ends 3D film's 7-week reign

TOKYO – The seven-week reign of “Alice in Wonderland” at the top of Japan's boxoffice has ended as “Kokuhaku” (“Confessions”) took the top spot with a 270 million yen ($2.94 million) opening weekend.
Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, and starring Takako Matsu as teacher who suspects students in her class involvement in the murder of her young daughter, “Confessions” has been attracting rave reviews and international interest.
Produced by The Hollywood Reporter’s Next Gen Asia 2010 honoree Genki Kawamura, “Confessions” did good business at Cannes, and has been picked up for distribution in North America, as well as various European and Asian territories. 
The film, which looks likely to feature heavily in this year’s domestic film awards, is also reported to have attracted three remake offers, including one from a Hollywood major studio.
“Confessions,” produced by Toho and featuring a theme tune by Radiohead, will be the centerpiece of the New York Asian Film Festival that will run from June 25 to July 8.
"Alice" has so far taken 11.1 billion yen in its 52-day run and although it reached the 10 billion yen mark nearly two weeks faster than "Avatar," it looks unlikely now to top its final $160 million total.

With “Alice” falling to fourth in the weekend rankings, the rest of the new top three was filled out by latest edition of the “Kamen Rider” (“Masked Rider”) franchise and “Sex and the City 2.”
“Prince of Persia,” which had given Disney a 3D, one-two on last week’s rankings, fell to sixth spot.
Overseas fare had been losing out to domestic productions in recent years, but the three biggest grossing titles this year have been Hollywood 3D productions: “Avatar, ” “Alice” and “Up.”