'Confirmation' Cast Steps Out for Premiere of HBO Movie

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"You have to be respectful of history and fact," explained director Rick Famuyiwa.

The cast of HBO's Confirmation, including Kerry Washington, Wendell Pierce, Allison Wright, Eric Stonestreet and Zoe Lister-Jones, took to the carpet at Paramount Pictures on Thursday evening to celebrate the film's premiere.

"It’s one that still resonates today. It had so many elements in terms of character and human drama on top of relevant issues like race, gender and politics," director Rick Famuyiwa told The Hollywood Reporter, referring to Anita Hill’s sexual harassment testimony against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991. 

Members of the cast were complimentary about Kerry Washington's work as a producer, citing her as heavily involved.

"She was absolutely around. I know she had a lot to say in casting and she definitely put together a great group of actors," said Stonestreet.

Gabrielle Union, a friend of Washington who was also in attendance, spoke highly of her producing role and described her as "passionate, knowledgeable and prepared."

Famuyiwa explained that the true-life story had plenty of drama on its own terms, saying, "There was so much about the story that you couldn’t make up. You have to be respectful of history and fact."

Wright, a U.K. native playing Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia, said she was unfamiliar with the case before the film.

"I think when everybody sees the film, they will be relieved," she added.   

Confirmation debuts on HBO on April 16.