'The Congressman' Trailer: Treat Williams' Frustrated Lawmaker Escapes to Great Outdoors (Exclusive)

The film, written and co-directed by former Long Island Rep. Robert J. Mrazek, also features George Hamilton, Elizabeth Marvel and Ryan Merriman.

Former congressman Robert Mrazek drew on his own experiences representing Long Island for 10 years in his first film, The Congressman, which he wrote and co-directed with Jared Martin.

The pic, which is set to hit theaters in New York and Washington on April 29, stars Treat Williams as Maine congressman Charlie Winship, who finds himself in a scandal after he refuses to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Amidst criticism from members of the media and the public, Winship and his chief of staff (Ryan Merriman) retreat to a remote island in his district to deal with a fishing dispute that's growing into a small civil war.

There, Winship seems to be rejuvenated after spending time with his rugged, self-reliant constituents, including a woman played by House of Cards' Elizabeth Marvel.

George Hamilton also appears as a corrupt former congressman and lobbyist in the film, the trailer for which The Hollywood Reporter is debuting exclusively above,

The Congressman was produced by Martin and Fred Roos.